Monday, July 18, 2011

Cavities Bite

So Little K is getting her 1st filling right now. Since she is crazy scared of shots, the dentist told me not to prep her. "Just bring her in."

They gave her a sip of purple juice that K said tasted like a glove. Ten minutes later, she couldn't stand up & was giggly. Really? I thought the "juice" was just going to make her calm. At least I know what to look for in my super relaxed girl.

The staff guided her down the hall & again coached me on how not to react or grab her hand to reassure her. Apparently, parents often grasp their kids' hands right before the injection. Luckily, the team was set with cartoons on the TV & tales of alligators with wide jaws. Little K lay in the dentist's chair a bit dazed & confused but no whimpering. I don't think she felt the shot & the staff was good about sneaking
The shot in where she couldn't see it. Never having a filling myself, I'm glad I had the extra coaching.

The sedative should wear off soon & her lip will not be numb by dinner. Fingers crossed. Here's to better teeth brushing. Mommy's blood pressure is sky high soon. The dentist asked if I needed a Valium but we opted against since I'm driving home. Pictures later!

- Until the next nap time...

Visit to Houston's Cy Twombly Gallery

 Yesterday, I went to the Cy Twombly Gallery near the Menil in Houston's Museum District. My observational drawing class that started last week required the visit as we study drawing as a direct transmission between the brain and hand. If you can see it, you can draw it. Twombly, who passed away earlier this month, used numerous types of mark making to create his art. Scratching, looping, globs of paint, vibrant color, scribbles, smudges, etc. All come together to create Abstract Expressionism. While I won't pretend to be an expert on any of this, I felt like taking time to look and think about his art and really be open to it was a good exercise for this left-brained woman. At first, many think any child could create the scribble scrabble. On further examination, you see words incorporated into the piece and figures become apparent. It's interesting to say the least.

I'd recommend the Cy Twombly Gallery for middle school students and up who have a knack for art or even those who need to broaden their horizons and experience different types of art. There's no charge for entry and you could finish viewing all the art in an hour or less.

The Cy Twombly Gallery at 1501 Branard in Houston is open 11 am - 7 pm Wednesday - Sunday. As my drawing instructor suggested, the lighting is best at this gallery in mid- to late-afternoon.

Until the next nap time...