Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Family-Friendly Restaurants near the Houston Heights

Last weekend, we checked out two really good restaurants that I'm excited to blog about. First, we visited Cedar Creek Cafe on w. 20th St. in the Heights. It's a brother restaurant to Dry Creek and Onion Creek but we felt really t home at Cedar Creek and so did my daughter. My burger was delicious and I loved the laid back, comfortable feeling at 11:30 am on a Saturday. A few families had their kiddos in this cafe that turns into a bar at night. I was not worried. Little K gobbled up the fruit dish and then played inside. The crowd didn't seem to mind her giggles as her father tickled her.
We sat inside since it was cool outside. Despite the comfy, at-home chairs, we look forward to returning when spring is in the warm air. My husband said the place reminded him of a grown-up version of our favorite college bar. It's as if we got older and opened this place. Well, someone else did.
There are loads of seats outside and a couple of guys were putting together a deck. Several flat screen TVs deck the environment so it's great for catching a game. How about a lil' Astros? Plus, the water fountain outside drew my daughter's attention. And the service was impeccable and friendly. A big thumbs up for Cedar Creek. So glad this is less than 5 minutes from my house. I'm likely to become a regular.
Sunday night, we were starving after running errands at Target off I-10 and Taylor. We stopped by Panda Express and fell in love. Good call on eating there. Little K's noodles were everywhere, but she ate most of them. Plus, the convenient kids meal was a welcome treat with a choice of one entree, one side, a cookie (ah! it had peanuts so we donated it back!) and a drink.
Trent & I loved the quick Chinese food with fresh vegetables and of course the fortune cookies that tapped off the night. Want to know my fortune? "You will spend many eyars in comfort and material wealth." My husand's response: "I'm sticking with you." Ha! Fortune or no fortune, we'll be sure to return to this tasty, fast-food eatery.

Until the next nap time...