Monday, May 07, 2007

Potty Training a Princess

Potty-training just stinks... literally & figuratively. I've tried not to pressure Little K since I know she'll get the hang of it before she goes to college but earlier efforts would really be appreciated. For now, she alerts me to the fact that she needs to go... right after she went. As we rush to change her diaper, Little K insists that she sit on her potty. Why? I'm not sure but at least she's working on it. Oh well. If you have tips on potty training, PLEASE POST THEM HERE.

In the mean time, I have photos of her like this one. One day, she'll be mortified but now she thinks this photo is stellar. Princess Potty, I call it. Ten years ago, who would have thought my interests would be focused on this cutie?

Until the next nap time...