Friday, November 06, 2009

Breakfast Time Laughs

So this morning, I was telling Little K how important it was for her to drink her OJ in hopes of her kicking the cough she has. Then, I told my husband the same thing. Yes, I'm bossy.

Trent poured his big glass of OJ and it looked so good that I decided to pour myself a small glass. I filled two small cups with crushed ice and then started pouring in the OJ for me and my daughter. Suddenly, I realized that my OJ looked much thicker than the juice in my husband's cup. Hmm... that's weird, I thought. I continued pouring.

"Oh my gosh!" I shouted. "Look at what I did. I'm pouring Egg Beaters into our juice glasses."

We all laughed as my husband & I tried to get the Egg Beaters out of the cups and into the omelette pan for breakfast.

"At least you didn't try to cook the orange juice," my husband laughed.

Clearly, I had not had my caffeine yet. Until the next nap time...