Friday, August 15, 2008

Translation Please

Kids say the funniest things, especially mine. Once again, Little K undressed this morning only to get her night shirt stuck. She pulls her head through but not her arms. She thinks it's funny and dresses around singing "Pack pack. Pack pack." She's trying to say "Backpack. Backpack," like Dora the Explorer. When I explained the logic at 6 am, she thought I was crazy. Oh well.

Last night, while she ate a Bullet Poscicle, she told me that she had to hurry up and eat it or it would "get milk-ed." She meant to say "melted" but don't try to convince her otherwise.

This weekend is jam-packed with 2 kids' b-day parties and one for my husband. Have fun with your families.

Until the next nap time...