Friday, April 27, 2012

Making Time Just for Family, Slowing Down Matters

I've recently fell "mysto" as we used to say in college because I've allowed my work schedule to overtake too many other parts of my life. Time for an eval, right?

Last Sunday afternoon, after church, I was going to start a new yoga class, when my 7-year-old daughter told me that I already take art class & that doing yoga too will be too much. Nice. My response was that my "art class" is technically a class in the InDesign program for graphic designers, which actually has to do with my career at a marketing firm. "Yoga is going to help Mommy de-stress & get in shape," I said. Little K didn't care.

"I didn't get to spend enough time with you this weekend," she said.

Did you hear that? It was my heart string being yanked.

So I skipped yoga to stay home with Little K while she's still young enough to want me around. We painted a spring-themed banner in butcher paper just like we did when she only went to nursery school 3 days a week & I didn't work like a mad woman. Little K got the cushions from our patio furniture & placed them on the ground so we could comfortably kneel down during our art session. Once completed, we hung up the banner on the gate that crosses our driveway. It's a mix of white trash & a proud mom.

We went swimming... In the hot tub because the pool was freezing (despite being in the 80s in Houston) & my husband has thus far refused to get a pool heater. Please Remind me later today to call our pool company for a price quote. :-)

We ate dinner & talked a lot but giggled more. I was thankful that our pastor reminded our congregation that Sunday is for rest (why is that so hard to do?) and then Little K chimed in for a heart-felt reminder too. I checked just one email & decided everything else would wait until Monday & you know, it did. In exchange, I had a wonderful day with my family & didn't spend a dime. Amazing.

So Little K asked yesterday what our plans are for this weekend.

"Well, you have G's birthday party at the Aquarium on Saturday & then cousin C is coming over that evening to play with you & the babysitter while Daddy & I go to the church's dinner & dance," I said. It was already a full Saturday.

"And what are we doing on Sunday?" she asked.

"Going to church," I replied calmly, waiting for her next response.

"And then?" she inquired.

"Nothing, baby. We have no plans except to be with our family: you, me & Daddy."

As I looked in my rear view mirror, I could see Little K beaming with delight as she stared out the passenger window of my dirty Explorer.

"Good," she said.

I couldn't have planned it better.

Until the next nap time...