Thursday, March 01, 2007

Houston Rodeo Great for Kids, Families

It’s officially Rodeo time in Houston, providing a great way for kids to learn about agriculture, animals and sports. Head to Destination: AGventure where your kids can pet various types of rabbits, learn how chickens hatch from eggs of many colors, and see more animals than on most farms. The petting zoo gives children a chance to pet and feed chickens, goats, lambs and even Kangaroos! Take a ride on a pony or do a photo shoot on the back of a longhorn bull. Yeehaw!

For families with young kids, I recommend attending the livestock show for a few hours during the week. If you can take off from work, this is the best way to avoid the crowd. Families can park up close by entering the Kirby & Westridge entrance. Just tell the parking attendant that you have young kids and you’ll be directed upfront. The Ford Truck Tram will take you right to Reliant Center for Destination: Agventure. Close parking is available between 9 am and 1 pm during the week. Weekday parking is $7. Weekend parking goes up to $12.

Rodeo performance tickets begin at $17. Entrance to the livestock show is only $6/person. If you plan to attend the livestock show more than once this year, buy the FunPass! for $20 and you gain access to everything except the concert for all 20 days of rodeo.

Weekend matinees are perfect for kids. See bull riders, barrel racers and famous performers from Martina McBride to Brooks & Dunn. The outdoor carnival presents fun rides, games and tasty treats for kids age ~6 and up.

Check back this week for 10 tips for navigating the rodeo with kids.

Little K is calling. Until the next nap time...