Thursday, January 14, 2010

Parenting on One Leg

So my New Year started out with a bang. I learned this week that I did indeed tear my ACL and meniscus in my left knee, requiring surgery next Thursday. Darn. The real complication is in parenting when you're walking on a crutch and planning for little mobility right after surgery. If I thought it was hard to keep up with our 4-year-old before, I need to brace myself.

Little K thinks it's so fun to race her Mommy down the stairs. Guess who wins? Luckily, Little K then turns to tell me that I'm also a winner. Too funny. Little does she know, I'm already planning for enough rehab that I'll be able to out-run her in a few months. That's when my best tickling comes in.

Trent has picked up many of my regular chores like getting our daughter dressed in the morning and often fixing breakfast since it takes me longer to hobble around, getting my own self dressed. The slow down has been a bit frustrating for me but I'm trying to stay positive. I really believe that makes a difference in recovery, not to mention it's an easier outlook. (Yes, I'm already looking toward recovery.) Still, I'm learning how to depend on others, which has been challenging for this independent soul.

This morning, we attended the Heights Chamber of Commerce breakfast and listened to Steven P. Lufburrow of Goodwill Industries of Houston. He shared the story of Goodwill's ups, downs and returning ups to the business crowd, which all appreciated. The big gusto came when Steve shared the tale of Goodwill's receptionist, who has no arms. She answers phone calls with her feet and writes notes with a large pen that stretches from her foot to her shoulder. This woman can even drive and fish. (You should have heard the fishing story!) The point was: If this receptionist can tackle her work every day with a positive attitude, what can I do? Without the impediments that she faces daily, I should look around every day and be grateful... and I am.

A special thanks to Terry Jeanes for her "healing hug" and to Glenda Clerc for her cheerful words this morning. And, of course, much thanks to my husband, who regularly reminds me that "we can do this... together." I am so grateful.

Until the next nap time...