Monday, February 13, 2006

Kids Activity Queen on 93Q; Colonial Park Rocks

So Exciting... I was on 93 Q Morning Zoo radio show this morning talking about the 1st Annual Valentine Skate tomorrow at the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink as well as tips for parents for taking youngsters to the rodeo later this month. Tune in to 93 Q during the 8-9 am hour on the first Friday of each month for regular updates from the Kids Activity Queen. Yea!

Colonial Park in West University is such a great park. Not only is the equipment newer & brighter in appearance, but it offers more equipment than many other area parks. Plus, the forts and climbing structures are great for encouraging vivid imaginations. Last Thursday during our trip to Colonial Park, two darling children were playing in a fort that has several steering wheels. I naturally thought of playing in a car, but the little boy said he was driving his "castle ship." Let your kids go wild with their imagination.

My little Kylie loves the swings. The park has traditional swings, baby swings & a swinging bench so take your pick. The sand volleyball court also serves as a sandbox. I always hear kids talking about tackling the slides: the red, the blue, the curvy one... you pick. The seasaw is a treat that hasn't been forgotten hear. And remember monkey bars? My daughter is too young for them but she likes me to help her touch them. She's an eager 10 month old. There's also a large field for running and burning off energy. Although it's cold outside, a few laps around the field will get those little bodies heating up. Enjoy!

Directions: Take Weslayan south past University Blvd. Turn right (west) on Case, which will dead end into the park.

Until the next nap time...