Monday, May 14, 2007

Acting Out Character, Values

In addition to being a mom and promoting my book 100+ Activities for Houston Kids, I also run a marketing & writing firm in town. This morning, I met with a prospective client about an exciting new project. In short, my company would handle the marketing for a start-up company that will focus on developing character and values in middle school & high school students. Cool, huh? We'd launch a Web site targeting these kids and their schools to motivate them to give back to the community and do small "random acts of kindness" on a weekly basis like opening a door for someone. I'm excited about the project -- whether or not we win the project.

It reminded me how important it is show our children the importance of strong values. My priority values include:
- a strong relationship with God, including participating at church weekly but not just that
- honesty
- being supportive & reliable to family members.
Unfortunately, we all get caught up in the day to day routine that we often forget to find ways to show our kids our values and how they, too, can act with character. This week, I'm going to focus on this and see how we do and how we feel at the end of the week. YOU can keep me honest & diligent.

Until the next nap time...