Monday, November 12, 2007

Turning A Tough Day Around

This morning, I got dressed quickly before Little K awoke, hoping I'd have "it all pulled together" before she awoke. Hmmm, I'm missing a rather important button on that blouse and don't think my client would appreciate the "Gweneth Paltrow" look as my husband called it. I tried removing a button from the very bottom of the shirt since that part would be tucked in. No luck finding the seam ripper. I resorted to scissors, a shisk-ka-bab skewer and finally a knife which sawed the threads of. I almost cut off my pinkie.

I quickly put some Egg Beaters on the stove and then sewed my button. What's that smell? Oh, my eggs burning. Then, my eggs burning on the stove top and running down the oven door.

So it's going to be one of those days, is it? I asked aloud.

I eat my burned eggs as my husband wipes up the stove... well, he sort of did. As I'm pouring Little K's milk, I hear her calling for me. I head upstairs to get her dressed for nursery school even though her nose is running and her voice is hoarse. Allergies?

As we're getting dressed, I realize my new button is actually much smaller than the ones above and below it. I really don't even care today. It's Monday.

As I rush through my day of client appointments and ignorant recent college grads that are sure they know more than Einstein (don't even ask them about me!), I remember one verse I recently saw:

"Every day offers a chance to choose either anger or understanding, bitterness or acceptance, darkness or light. And the choices we make reveal the stuff we're made of."

I like that. I'm heading to pick up Little K & then we'll go "eat some shrimpers" at my parents' house while my grandparents are still in town. After all, I don't think I need to attempt cooking again today.

Until the next nap time...