Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Life: Young & Old Make an Impact

Life is so interesting... how we affect people and overlook the little things.

My 93-year-old Grandmother fell last Thursday and fractured her hip & femur. She's now in the hospital, recovering from surgery and the anesthesia. Grandmother Camille already struggled with some dementia but, depending on the day, it can now be worse. When Little K and I visited Grandmother yesterday, it seemed as if she didn't really know who I was -- maybe someone close but she wasn't sure who. However, Grandmother was delighted to see Little K and called her by name... something she hasn't done for over a year. Interesting, huh?

As I held Little K up to see Grandmother lying in the hospital bed, Little K explained in her limited language that "it's okay" and "feel beher" (better, for you English speakers!). My 2 year-old understood that our matriarch was hurt, but she couldn't possibly understand the gravity of the situation facing someone in her 90s. While so many family members have clung to Grandmother's bedside, it seems "the little children" bring her a quick relief. Perhaps she appreciates their sense of wonder & their sense of acceptance. They bring no knowledge of recovery statistics & they don't speak about Grandmother as if she isn't there. No, Little K and her cousins look directly at Grandmother and wish her well. If only we could all be so simple.

As you'll appreciate, Little K's attention span shortened quickly and "Ring Around the Rosie" with Miss Nora got stuck on repeat while I spent at least a few moments with this woman who has seen/experienced the Great Depression, World War II, the television come into homes, Vatican II, and science develop to save children born with only a few pounds in weight. Little K kissed Grandmother unhesitatingly. "Love you," Little K said with a smile. Yes, Grandmother, we all do.

Until the next nap time...