Monday, June 04, 2007

Candy Unwrapped at Health Museum

Here's a cool way to get kids' minds engaged this summer. Treat your taste buds to sweet science this summer at The Health Museum! JELLY BELLY® presents Candy Unwrapped, now through Sept. 3. This exhibit exposes the science of sweets and sours with the biology, chemistry, physiology and psychology of sugar. Pucker up for the super sour challenge! Pedal your way to an energy burn to discover how much time it takes to burn off a single sugar cube. Take the jellybean taste test - where what you taste depends on what your nose knows. And catch a whiff of smells to see what sweet memories are triggered. Science never tasted so sweet!

Candy Fact of the Day:
Gummi candies are derived from gelatin. Gelatin is extracted from collagen in the collective tissue of animals - mostly pigs and cows. What parts? Their bones and skin. Ewww!!!

Although groups are always welcome, reservations are required in advance to take advantage of special group pricing. A minimum of 15 people is required for the reservation. Field Trip Policies can be found at or on the Candy Unwrapped exhibit page.

There goes my diet!

Until the next nap time...