Thursday, April 02, 2009

Big Bite Nite is Coming to Houston Museum of Natural Science

I received the following information today and it looks pretty cool. It's the Big Bite Nite at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Unfortunately, each ticket costs $35 so it's a bit on the expensive side for most Houston families. The invitation is super cute but if you read the fine print it says "age 21 and up". Darn, no youngsters. Still, this looks like an appetizng date night for parents and other adults so you may want to treat yourself. Let me know if you go. I love a night out from my kitchen.

Big Bite Nite Is Coming!
The Houston Museum of Natural Science is starting something BIG—and you’re invited! Discover the culinary explorer inside as you taste the talents of some of Houston’s most prestigious restaurants. Delve into the cultural traditions of our diverse city with dancers and musical entertainment. Explore the intricacies of cuisine from our spotlight country: China. Experience an epic journey of world food as we highlight delicacies from across the globe in this lavish culinary affair. Sponsored by Polo’s Signature, TEXAS MONTHLY, DLG Ice Factory, Party Props, Inc. and Johnathan Andrew Sage, Inc.
Until the next nap time...