Friday, June 15, 2012

Touring the Police Station

Little K is spending an extended weekend with her CiCi (sweet name for her paternal grandmother) in Galveston. CiCi has outdone herself with planning various activities and I'm super impressed. Thursday evening, they unpacked and then headed to the Club for swimming and dinner. I think CiCi may rethink doing this one on her own as it sounds like CiCi got soaked more than she should have.

Today, they ventured to the Galveston Police Department, where CiCi knows some of the officers based on a lot of volunteering she has done. The photos speak for themselves. I can't wait to learn more about this adventure. When I was young, we never did this and I really think it's important to teach kids about the great jobs that police officers do... besides give their parents speeding tickets. Little K even told me this morning that they were going to the police station to take a tour IF there were no robberies that the police had to take care of first. CiCi had explained that the police officers' first job is to keep everyone safe so if something popped up, the officers would need to take care of that first. Little K understood how serious that was. :-)

Hope you enjoy these pics and consider arranging a field trip of your own to your own police station. If they can do it, I think this would make a great school or scout field trip. Respect the badge.

Until the next nap time...