Thursday, June 04, 2009

Frightening Fuzzy's Pizza

Thought I should share this disturbing tale about Fuzzy's Pizza in Houston to keep parents and grandparents aware.

I am still at a loss for words over the verbal assault that took place last night, Monday June 1st, 2009, at the hands of the owner of Fuzzy's Pizza on Antoine Drive..all less than three feet from my 2 year old son who was in my arms. Even more amazing is what set this man off is the fact that he couldn't fill a to-go order completely.

I had my 2 year old son with me, we had paid and were waiting on the order. The buzzer went off and we went to the counter where the owner handed me one salad. I told him we had two salads and four slices of pizza. Frustrated at that point, he went back to the kitchen and returned with the pizza slices. I told him we were still missing one salad and he went irate. He screamed "I didn't take your order!" I told him he needed to calm down, that I was just trying to get what I ordered. At this point he began yelling "F--- You, I am the owner, F--- You". This was all about three feet from my son, whom I was holding. He then came around from behind the counter to get closer to me and my son, as he continued with the F--- You's, even with me saying "I have a baby here".

When I looked at my son, he was shaking and crying as he looked at this man still screaming at us, so I got him out of there.

Sadly, we live in a world where a father can't protect his son and put another man with these character traits in his place, as I would certainly be facing lawsuits if I had laid a hand on him. So my only move is too spread the word about this place and what other parents could be exposing their children to. My wife and I looked at restaurant reviews last night and sure enough these owners have made it common place to cuss and scream at patrons because of their own frustrations. It was always between two adults up until last night, when this man involved my 2 year old child.

My hope is that all who read this will (i) never go to Fuzzy's Pizza again, and (ii) forward this email to all you know. The only way to get back at this man who holds absolutely no concern for children is to hit him where it hurts, his business.

Thanks for taking time to read and if this infuriates you as it has me, please forward to other Houstonians. Several people have already informed me they will be sending personal letters to the restaurant to advise the owners they have become aware of this incident (feel free to use my name) and will never eat at Fuzzy's Pizza again. If you'd like to also send a letter, their address is:
Fuzzy's Pizza at 823 Antoine Drive Houston, Texas 77024
Thanks, David

Until the next nap time...

Double the Doctor Visits

Yesterday, we did double duty with doctors. First, we took Dutch, our puppy, to the vet to be neutered. Veterinarian Dr. Clint said he'd call me when Dutch was finished with the procedure and waking up. When my phone rang during a meeting just before 8:30 am, I was shocked -- well, terrified at what could be wrong. In fact, it took less than an hour for the neutering process and now Dutch is running about as if he just had a nap. Phew!

Yesterday afternoon, Little K had her 4 year old visit to the pediatrician. A full check up and FOUR SHOTS later, Little K was tearfully eating ice cream. What a day!

Until the next nap time...