Friday, October 01, 2010

Addressing Obesity in Our Children

I think this is a great idea so I have to share. According to the American Heart Association, "currently, 25% of the nation’s children are showing early warning signs of heart diseases, but this can be undone."

Our own family set out just last week to eat healthier and be more active. I know, it's only been a week but we all have to start somewhere. Check out the following facts about childhood obesity and health in general and then learn how your family can do more to care for each others' health.

Thanks to Meghan Allen at the American Heart Association for these facts.

"Our nation is facing an increasingly dire obesity epidemic and this includes the Houston community. The number of meals being eaten outside of the home has reached an all time high. Since foods eaten away from the home are typically served in large portion sizes and are higher in energy density compared to meals eaten at home (My insert: not to mention they're usually drenched in salt), it is extremely important that Houstonians are well informed about what they are eating.

The American Heart Association is pleased to announce the launch of the Houston DINEs campaign. Houston DINEs is a local education and awareness campaign to provide dining information and nutrition education to all Houstonians.

The American Heart Association wants to empower consumers by encouraging them to ask questions about the calories they consume. This will increase the ability of consumers to make informed choices in the food and beverages they purchase in restaurants."

Learn more about what the American Heart Association is doing and how it can help you & your family. Visit to learn more.

On a Friday evening, my thoughts of restaurant eating have been curtailed and healthier choices are trickling in. How about you? How do you encourage your kids to eat healthy?

Until the next nap time...