Friday, August 05, 2011

When Your Kid Takes a Trip Without You

We dropped Little K off at my parents, kissed & hugged her, & drove away. Her lip was pouting as we drove away & so was mine. I threw her my hand signal for "I love you".

Tomorrow, Little K heads to Ohio with my mom (aka Grand) to see K's great grandparents, great aunts, great uncles & cousins. I don't feel great.

The only other time I've been away from my 6-year-old daughter was 2 years ago when Trent & I took a wedding anniversary trip for 5 days. My sister pointed out that that trip was easier for me because I had a trip to look forward to. This time the roles are reversed. I didn't expect this.

Oh boy! This could be a long week. Plus, in May, I had so many plans of fun things to do over the summer with my girl. Where did the summer go? K returns on Thursday night, only to head to "Meet the Teacher Day" on Friday. What?

I'll keep myself pre-occupied with a weekend trip to Austin but I already miss my girl. Here is a photo of K this morning, counting down the days until her super fun trip to Ohio. (We've taken a photo each day this week & emailed them to PaPa Don in Ohio.) At least she is excited.

Okay, enough of my sob story. AC/DC is on the car radio singing "It's a Long Way to the Top" & we are pulling into Austin. Here's to a fun, safe weekend to all parents & their kids -- no matter the age.

- Until the next nap time...