Monday, September 10, 2007

Remembering the Home Within the House

I've been thinking a lot about the theme for our Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group. It's "The Home Factor: begin here… go there."

When you think of home, you may think of the outside of a particular building – perhaps of the home you grew up in or maybe the house you now live in. Then, if you're like me, your mind quickly follows the deeper meaning of "home". It’s the people in your family, their interests, their coloring pages on the refrigerator & fingerprints -- BIG & small spread throughout your house.

Your home is where you’re comfortable, where you are your true self. Home is where we nestle our kids into bed & help them pray, leading by example. But it’s also where we parents pray about our own struggles, vulnerabilities & deepest hopes. As moms, we see ourselves & our homes in a unique way. A lot of times we burden ourselves with so many concerns about our family members & household chores. We become so worried about our household chores that we forget the deeper meaning of HOME. Then when we walk out the door of our homes, we feel like we must be pulled together, perfect for everyone else to see... without flaws & anxieties.

I do it to myself but I wouldn't judge another parent for showing up to a meeting or nursery school with or without make-up on, frazzled and hormonal. (Yes, I have not forgotten those days just after child birth.) If you haven't found a parenting group near you, I suggest you look for one. If you work outside the home, there are many groups that meet in the evening & provide child care. For stay at home parents, there are also plenty of day-time groups.

Go just as you are & you’ll gain wonderful friendships and support from parents similar to you. You'll also be relieved when other parents echo your sentiments in child-rearing. It's just a wonderful support group & a place to call home without the laundry to complete. My MOPS group has also allowed me to see the best parts of my house... my family that makes a home.

Until the next nap time...