Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Parents, You Feel Overextended but Making an Impact

Thanks to the Heights MOPS group for a great trip to Art Mix Learning Center today. We got our hands full of paint, play doh and tools for creating wonderful art pieces that now decorate our refrigerator. The camaraderie of this group is so refreshing and Little K continues to learn important lessons like sharing, cleaning up and returning to the fun place another day. (Smile!) You know those lessons.

My cousin Juli forwarded this link to a fantastic and intriguing article posted to MSNBC called "Despite 'Mommy Guilt', Time With Kids Rising." I hope you'll check it out. The reporter does a good job of explaining how parents' expectations of ourselves has dramatically increased over the last several decades, yet we're doing more for our families. It's helpful in putting things into perspective and reminding ourselves that we are, indeed, doing a good job as parents.

Also a special thanks to Colyn for bailing us out of a pinch yesterday. When both parents are called to work in the late evening, it's great to have my sister nearby to lend a hand. And Little K loves to play with her Aunt "Juji".

Until the next nap time...