Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bluebonnet Time in Texas

Last week, while I was at a business meeting, my colleagues guided a newcomer to Texas on the way things are done around here. This woman didn't know what a bluebonnet was so everyone described them carefully.

Once the transplant finally realized she'd seen bluebonnets along the roadside, the team explained that she needed to schedule a photo shoot (formal or informal) of her daughter in the bluebonnets. The Yankee just didn't understand why these southern kicks would take photos in these blue flowers, although she questioned the practice politely.

"They're the state flower of Texas," one woman said. "You have to take photos of your kid in the bluebonnets."

Who knows if the transplant did or will, but we did. My parents took Little K to Navasota last weekend to the family ranch. The bluebonnets -- or bluebottoms as Little K calls them -- were in full bloom, reaching for the sky before the weather gets too hot and withers them away. Dressed in white, my daughter picked me a handful. (She can pick the state flower on private property.) Now we have a beautiful bouquet of bluebonnets on our kitchen table, welcoming spring.

The only thing better would be these photos framed. How picturesque!

If you're looking for bluebonnets that are a bit closer to Houston, head to Loop 610 North and TC Jester east. Park at the Boys Scouts of America building and walk across TC Jester to the bayou. Enjoy the walking trail and snap plenty of photos of your family in the bluebonnets, right in the middle of Houston. Much easier.

Until the next nap time...