Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good News Abounds

So last night was my first real outing since my knee surgery a week & a half ago. Little K & her classmates sang 3 verses of "Jesus Loves Me" at the conclusion of the 5 pm mass. (I didn't know there was more than 1 verse.) Then our principal announced that St. Rose School will open 6th grade starting this fall with 7th & 8th grades opening the subsequent years. The congregation erupted into applause! Trent hugged me in excitement & my eyes swelled with tears. We have worked & prayed long & hard to make this happen. God is good.

Next, this morning, I bathed all by myself. Zero help from my hubby for the first time in ~ 2 weeks! My 4-year-old daughter & I now have something else in common: bathing without supervision! (Come on. That's funny!)

I'm also celebrating that we finished the 10th & final shot today. Trent's been giving me one shot a day in the stomach to prevent blood clots. (Don't they make a pill for that?) Little K said she was sad they were over because she really enjoys seeing other people gets shots! I'm either raising masochist or a doctor! Little K said she didn't want to be either of those when she grows up. She wants to be an artist.

My next doctor appointment is Tuesday, when the rehab begins. Wish me luck