Thursday, July 30, 2009

Great Birthday Ideas

Today is my little sister's birthday so I have to give her a shout out. "Happy Birthday, Colyn!"

Speaking of birthdays, we went to the most creative kid's birthday party the other weekend. The little boy's b-day party had a theme of getting dirty. (How appropriate.)
Upon arrival, the children took off their shoes and socks so they could walk in paint and then put their footprints on a piece of butcher paper. The paper was hung to dry with each child's name on it so they could take it home with them. (Little K's footprints are now hanging on our laundry room door, which also is the entrance to our art supply room.) I've just got to remember to write the date on the paper so I have a reference point in the future.

Kids then could dig in a wheelbarrow to find small toys. The dad helped the kids put Mentos in a bottle of soda and then watch the soda fountain erupt upward feet in the air. (See the photo to the left for an idea of how this display really comes together for some entertainment. It will make you think twice before eating Mentos and drinking soda again for sure.)
One grandmother helped the children make homemade slime. Silly string was plentiful. I can't forget the big paper that hung on the fence, inviting friends and family to add a personal note with paint.

Still, my absolute favorite was the human sundae. Despite my teasing, I promised NOT to post pictures of the victims but let me describe this one for you. It was awesome!
One aunt and uncle of the birthday boy (my great friend & her husband) wore all white clothes and sat down on the bottom of a refrigerator box that was carefully placed outside. Then, all the guests (yes, even the adults) were invited to decorate these two people with ice cream sundae makings. Imagine these adults COVERED in whip cream, colored sprinkles, chocolate syrup and cherries. Luckily, they both wore goggles because they were soaked in dessert. Boy, was it a riot.

If you can convince a family member to do this at your next party, try it. Just realize that paybacks are guaranteed. Until the next nap time...