Monday, April 20, 2009

When I Grow Up I Want to Be

Too funny. We took our puppy to the vet today for another shot. As we climbed back in the car, we somehow ended up talking about what a "woman" is. Little K announced that she did not want to be a "woman". She instead wants to "be a Mommy, with jewels and works on the computer." You go, girl. Don't forget the jewels. Where she comes up with this stuff, I don't know.

When we returned home, we took the dog for a walk. As new dog owners, we are discovering so many new things about our neighborhood. Miss Carol has four chickens in her backyard that lay eggs every morning. Little K pet one of them while Miss Carol held the chicken. Who knew? Loop 610 is a quarter mile for this house yet it's protected by a lovely garden and tree canopy. Little K is again interested in working on our garden. Perhaps she should have said she wanted to be a gardener when she grows up, rather than "work on the computer." Oh what nature can bring.

Until the next nap time...