Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Faith in Children

I thought the following information was interesting about faith and youth:

"Young people today are not angry with, or mistrustful of, organizations and institutions. They are, however, increasingly apathetic and disconnected from organizations. Spiritually, they are:
  • Believers in God, though not necessarily members of particular institutions and denominations
  • Involved in an individual spiritual journey, not the communal tradition
  • Spiritual, but not necessarily religious
The emphasis seems to be on a vertical spirituality, a 'me and God' spirituality. However, young people are open to and hungry for an experience of the holy. In an age that emphasizes 'virtual reality', young people do:
  • Desire a faith that makes a difference in their lives, provides meaning, purpose and challenge
  • Desire a genuine experience of the transcendence and power of God
  • Relate to a Jesus who understands suffering
  • Want to grow in faith together with their peers and with trusted adults
  • Believe that everything expresses the transcendent: nature, the arts, gatherings, traditional devotionals.
So, it is apparent that the question is no longer 'Will our children have faith?' They are spiritually hungry and lloking ofr a faith that makes sense, a faith that provides meaning and purpose, that works for them. Rather, the question is, 'Will our faith have children?".
While I think this info is applicable to adults, too, I wonder if a strong church and faith belief system would help kids with daily pressures as they grow up. What do you think?
Info from page 70 of Ministry through the Lens of Evangelization.
Until the next nap time...