Monday, June 29, 2009

More Updates from the Ohio Trip

Yesterday, we had another blast in Ohio with our family. After a quick trip to church, we played, I mean, worked in the garden by picking red potatoes, peas, cucumbers, garlic and (Little K's favorite) raspberries. All this was after filling ourselves with Grammy's famous biscuits & gravy. Who couldn't be successful after a breakfast like that? We topped it all off with those tasty raspberries right off the vine.

Around noon, it was roaring in the 80s and surprisingly hot. I realized how little we work outside during the day in Houston's summer. We headed inside for lunch and what I thought would be nap time. No dice. Little K in PaPa Don's automatic chair and curled up, but only to watch the boob tube. At least she relaxed some.
She later played the flute's that Grammy discovered in her stash and colored a bit. The flutes are proving to be quite entertaining. Little K plays the conductor while PaPa Don & I try to play the flutes to her instruction. It always ends in a comical disaster because we can't keep up with Little K's musical mastery!
Next up, we went to cousin Bentley's house and then to her parents' club pool from 4-6:45 pm. Little K did great at practicing her swimming. Those swim lessons are paying off. When Little K saw Bentley laying on the chaise, Little K decided she wanted to be like Bentley, the big girl. During the pool's adult swim, Little K and cousin Bentley had a few snacks poolside. Bathing beauties (see photo).
For dinner, we returned to Uncle Sean, Aunt Patty and Bentley's house for delicious barbeque. I was so pleased to see Little K and cousin Bentley (almost 9) playing together -- from chalk to catching lightning bugs back at their house. GoGo the yellow lab provided some exercise, too. With no nap on Sunday, Little K fell asleep in the car on the way home but slept soundly all night - in the bed beside me. It's the first time she's ever slept in the bed with me all night. It's nice.
On Monday, we helped PaPa Don pull up the pea vines and till the soil for the next batch of beans. Well, he did most of the work since a long nap was finally in order after lunch. Tonight, we'll eat dinner at 5 pm and then head to a local elementary school where they're showing several movies for families for only $4 each. I can't wait to see how it's done and bring back some good ideas for our own school. PaPa Don is tired from yard work and says he doesn't want to go on the Girls Night. I told him that was fine because "Girls rule. Boys drool." Little K agreed.
More updates from Ohio tomorrow but then our return trip to Houston in the evening. Until the next nap time...