Monday, March 26, 2007

Indoor Houston Activities Invite Imagination

I've been worried that it's going to rain all day but nothing yet. I clearly remember the weather forecast calling for a 40% chance of rain today. Little K will be home with me tomorrow so the raindrops will likely come then. Thank goodness we have MOPS in the morning to keep both of our minds active.
If you're looking for a fun indoor activity when it's raining or just too hot (those days aren't far away!), take a trip to Memorial City Mall. Little K loves the Carousel. I love comparing this photo with last year's photo. It's amazing to see how fast our children grow up. After a $1 ride on the Carousel, grab a bite to eat in the nearby Food Court. Then, wander through the mall until you come to the Milky Way Playcastle. There is a height restriction of 48" tall to enter so this is best for young kids. Burn off some energy while you & your child climb through the fantasy world of mushrooms, nets and slides.

If your child is older and an aspiring author, bring him/her to Brazos Bookstore on Tuesday, March 27 at 7 pm, when the store celebrates the arrival of author & former Houstonian Laura Moser. Moser is the co-author of the book series including The Rise and Fall of a 10th Grade Social Climber, All Q, No A: More Tales of a 10th-Grade Social Climber, and Foreign Exposure: The Social Climber Abroad -- the latter of which Moser & co-author Lauren Mechling will be showcasing Tuesday night. Encourage your preteens and teens to meet these authors in the flesh and learn how to pursue a writing career. See the interview with these authors to determine if this is a good fit for your young writer. It's motivating to hear from young women like these who have turned a passion for writing, exciting travels and fun into a profession. I don't think the kids will be the only ones to learn from these authors. Hope to see you there.

Brazos Bookstore also has a young children's reading area and hopes to begin a parent & child story time. More updates to come.

So now you have at least a few options to spark your imagination whether it rains tomorrow or not. Until the next nap time...