Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Theater District Open House in Houston, August 28 from noon - 4 pm

I just saw this opportunity today and only wish I had seen it earlier so I could have mentioned it in my newsletter. I suppose this gives readers one more reason to come to my blog. This looks like a fun family activity.

The 18th Capital One Bank Theater District Open House is a fun-filled way to experience dance, music and theater for FREE! Bring the whole family for a day in Houston's world-renowned Theater District as the Alley Theatre, Hobby Center, Jones Hall and Wortham Theater Center swing their doors wide open. Guests can expect live performances, meet-and-greets with costumed performers, Capital One Bank trolley rides & the best ticket deals of the year on season subscriptions!

Visits with Great Grandparents are Such a Treasure

Last Thursday, Little K returned from her trip with her Grand to see her great grandparents in Ohio. It was the day before her "Meet the Teacher Day" and we jam-packed her schedule as summer came to a close.

Little K was tired but filled with stories to tell -- much like the ones I remember from similar trips when I was her age. Her suitcase also came with some interesting items like the live cicada named Emma. (I don't know how that got through security. Nor do I think Houston needs a cicada from Ohio.) Pa Pa Don is still his humorous self.  Little K made the adults laugh until their sides hurt when she claimed that the cicada slobbered on her. Cicada slobber?

The trip had barely started when Grammy served homemade biscuits and gravy. Later Pa Pa Don fixed his now famous fluffy pancakes.

Little K and her extended family found time to go fishing and actually catch something besides grief. Little K discovered a new love for worms. She played with cousin Bentley, who is older and wiser by a few years. They went for a ride in Uncle Brad's tractor and ran in the green fields (a new idea since Houston has only brown grass due to the drought.) Aunt Kenny filled her up with another tasty meal.

They picked fresh vegetables from the garden like tomatoes, potatoes and beans. They relaxed in the hot tub so Pa Pa Don could "soak his bod". From the pictures that I've included you can see that there was even time for dress up.

The only missing piece was Mommy.

I'm so bummed I couldn't make this trip. Still, I am blessed that my mom (a.k.a. Grand) was willing to take Little K to visit her great grandparents. How many adults can recall such times with their great grandparents? Some of us didn't even get much time with our grandparents. The time allowed is never enough but we continue to make the most of what we are given.

It really makes me crave more time with our family members. I encourage you to treasure your time with yours, too.

At the end of the trip, Grand took Little K's picture with her great grandparents. Snap. Then Little K looked up at her Pa Pa Don and said, "Don't worry. I'll be back."

"That's what I'm afraid of," he said laughing. Yes, we will be back. Thanks for a great time and many more memories. We can't wait to see Grammy and Pa Pa Don in Houston this November. That gives me plenty of time to come up with some pranks to play on Pa Pa Don.

Until the next nap time...