Saturday, November 01, 2008

Acorns A Many

I forgot to check the pockets on my daughter's clothes before doing a load of laundry. No big deal, you think? Well, I just found the 29th acorn and am betting I'm not done. Apparently, Little K collected acorns the other day at school and put them in her pocket. She carefully sealed the pocket snap closed so the acorns wouldn't fall out during nap time.

I whiz through the laundry and discover 1 acorn, 2 acorns... Not only have the 29 acorns appeared in the laundry basket, but also on my bedroom floor and in the laundry room. "So that's what was making that sound in the dryer," my husband said.

"At least it wasn't frogs," my neighbor said. Her nephew rescued several baby frogs by putting them in his pant pocket. When his mother was later folding his clean clothes, she discovered his collection of frogs. Groce.

I'll be sure to check Little K's pockets from now on. Who knows what she could collect?

Until the next nap time...