Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bring Mom to the Art Car Parade this Saturday

Looking for something fun this weekend in Houston? No matter what your age, you can celebrate warmer months at the annual Art Car Parade this Saturday, May 9.
The parade differentiates itself by combining participants with classic cars as well as funky art mobiles. I love the clever ideas that drive down the street. I've included here some photos from last year's event to give you a good idea of what to expect.
The parade starts at 1 pm on Allen Parkway. I suggest parking near Taft and walking over to Allen Parkway. Pack your patience because this parade gets a good turnout so parking can be a struggle. The parade starts at Allen Parkway and Taft, heads east into downtown and then turns around to come back down the other side of Allen Parkway. You can sit in the median to catch both sides of the parade, which lasts 1-1.5 hours.

Bring chairs unless you don't mind sitting on a curb for an hour. If you're bringing the kids, I recommend a wagon so you can pull the kids and they have a comfortable seat. You can bring your own refreshments but also buy them there. Dress in cool clothing because it is usually really hot. Sporting a hat and sunscreen is advisable.

The post-parade party is also a lot of fun. Many of the participating vehicles remain in the area so you can get a close-up peek at the artful creations and talk to the artists behind the wheels.
Last night, my husband reminded me that one year we were pleasantly surprised to see a friend in the parade, dressed up in a Wonder Woman costume & pulling it off. It was hillarious.

Don't forget that the bayou borders Allen Parkway, offering a nice green hill for families to picnic on or ride boxes down. Mosquito repellant may be needed but the day offers a ton of fun.
Until the next nap time...