Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Living Life

I'm sorry.

Those are important words to learn at any age. I'm again learning them as I received news earlier this evening that my high school friend Kelly (Plummer) Lester passed away from liver cancer. Why do I bring this up on a blog about raising Houston kids? One: it's obviously on my mind. Two: it's the lesson we all learn again and again: live your life so you are not sorry for regrets. Live your life to its fullest.

My friend Kelly was a sassy gal who didn't take grit from anyone. Even in her last days, she made sure her husband was clear: she did NOT want to be buried wearing panty hose! That's my friend Kelly. But for parents, at least one lesson is to show our kids that life is short. (Kelly died at only 31 years of age.) Live life to its fullest and don't hold back. God didn't put us on this earth to live with a barrier around us or to live with hesitation. Instead, God said "here is everything for you to enjoy. Live." Enjoying life is so much more rewarding than worrying about the next test at school, wearing the right clothes or being popular. My friend Kelly thumbed her nose at all of that and instead loved life. When she could barely utter a word, she told another friend: "It's been a good ride." I choose to remember her that way. How will your children remember you? Add your comments to this blog to share with me & others your thoughts on the importance of being a good influence on living life. I hope to hear from you.

A salute to my Grandmother Frazier, who turned 93 this week, and to my friend Kelly, who was a great example of not letting life hold you back from enjoying it all.