Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Aquarium Food Less than Stellar, But Great Entertainment for Kids

We went to the Downtown Aquarium tonight for Brent's birthday. As always, the kids were mesmerized by the fish. Even Kylie at 10 months was really excited to see the fish. For a 1-2 hour dinner with young kids, the Aquarium makes a great option. The kids menus and coloring activities also keep children occupied at the table. Unfortunately, we spent $20+ on adult dinners that were less than spectacular. My husband's shrimp brochette tasted of freezer burn and my snapper was mediocre, although the price tag was not. I just wish the chefs would invest more into the food since the Downtown Aquarium is a restaurant after all. Otherwise, just call yourself an amusement park and focus there.

My suggestion: take the kids to the Downtown Aquarium during the day for the activities (I love the ferris wheel) and sights, but skip the meal. The adults will be glad they did.

Until the next nap time...