Monday, January 08, 2007

Parents' Muscles Important for Hugging Kids

I've been having some pain in my right shoulder and was a bit concerned but, like most busy parents, blew it off to move onto more important things. When the pain became debilitating, I called the doctor... of course, over the holidays. I wondered, what if the pain gets so bad that I can't pick up my daughter? Or I can't throw the ball with her in the front yard? Just a few years ago, my thought process would have been quite different. I would have worried about carrying my laptop through the US' biggest airports with an injured shoulder, not hugging my daughter and husband. Funny how kids change us.

After a doctor's trip and a visit to the physical therapist today, I'm told I likely have tendonitis and weak shoulder and rotater cup muscles. Whoopie! Sounds silly, huh? I thought so but I left therapy deflated. I was surprised that the strength in my right arm was so little. (This after I told the doctors that I had NOT noticed any loss of strength. Way to go, Megan.) Armed with a massage (ahhh...), exercises to do 6 days a week and physical therapy at least twice a week, we're hoping my shoulder muscles will strengthen. I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on 1/17/06 per my primary care physician's orders. Hopefully, Dr. Street will tell me to continue with physical therapy and leave me alone.

All this said, I've come to appreciate hugs even more -- something I didn't know was possible. Give your kids or grandkids a big hug today. They'll appreciate it and so will you.

Until the next nap time...