Thursday, August 05, 2010


After dinner, there clearly was tickle time between Little K &

Uncle Sean. He was so surprised at the difference between our daughter & his at the same age. (photos tomorrow night will also be telling!) Too bad they both like teasing.

- Until the next nap time...

Location:Dayton, OH.

Do a Hair Do

As tradition demands, Little K "fixes" PaPa Don's hair. Unlike her mother & her aunt, she doesn't have any temporary hair dye!

- Until the next nap time...

Location:Dayton, OH.

Mini Burgers & Good Memories

Little K earned $2 this morning by picking up all the twigs that fell after last night's Ohio t-storm. We then went to a local rummage sale, where she bought coloring pages for 50 cents.

We'd worked up quite the appetite so we drove to the Hamburger Wagon in Miamisburgh, OH.

My PaPa Don says the original owner sold the famous mini burgers for just 10 cents each.

They now go for $1.10 each but are cooked right in front of you & are delicious!

My sorority little sister replied to my FaceBook post about this & says she has fond memories of this "monument", too.

Of course, there is the distinct possibility that we both love this place because our grandfathers have brought us here for years.

What are/were your favorite pitstops with your grandparents?

- Until the next nap time...

Location:Miamisburgh, OH

Baby Birds Need Space

This morning, we took a peak at

two baby Robbins that were nestled in a nest outside of my grandparents' big window. Little K thought they "were so cute".

Unfortunately, my mug got too close & one of the baby birds lept out of the nest. The mother & father bird quickly flew into action but the baby couldn't fly back into the nest! We obviously backed WAY back but we'll keep a eye on the little feathered friend.

Little K was quite upset with me, claiming I didn't even apologize to the baby bird for scaring it. Ha!

- Until the next nap time...

Location:Dayton, Ohio