Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Trials of the Pacifier Princess

So yesterday, I was trying to get Little K dressed for nursery school. With her wet diaper off, she pranced around on her bed while I tried to find the leg holes in her clean Princess Pull-up.

Suddenly, Little K announces, "Uh, oh. I dropped my paci." My 2.5 year old's pacifier had fallen between the wall & her bed, promptly to the floor under the bed. (Yes, I realize that a 2.5 year old shouldn't have a pacifier any more but I'm choosing my battles these days. I promise she won't go to college with a pacifier.)

The next thing I know Little K has jumped off her bed & crawled under the bed to reach for the missing paci. When I looked down to see her, all I could find was a bare bottom! I laughed so hard & then she laughed too. I sprinted for my camera but upon my return to her room, the rump was gone -- replaced by a smiling girl with her pacifiers. Lucily for you, you're not being mooned by Little K right now.

Until the next nap time...

Fun Links for Moms

Here's a link to a hillarious performance by a mom singing her own rendition of the William Tell Overture, including the numerous expressions of moms in a day. It cracks me up.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to share a clever site to help remind you of self examines. The site borrows credible information from the Susan G. Komen Foundation & delivers the info in a fun way.

Until the next nap time...