Sunday, February 10, 2008

Full Time Mom, Full Time Wife, Full Time Worker, Part Time Me?

Well, to be honest, it was a really tough week... last week, that is. This week will definitely be better. I found myself in a HUGE funk. After a meltdown, my parents suggested that Little K spend the weekend with them so that Trent & I could melt off some stress. Friday night, we went to the Houston Symphony's love-themed performance (courtesy of my parents) and relaxed a bit. Afterward, Trent asked "Where to now?" Completely out of character, I said: "Home. I'm exhausted." So home we went.

Saturday, I got double doses of much-needed sunshine doing a bit of pruning in our backyard and swinging in my hammock under the blooming magnolia tree. We caught the movie "27 Dresses" and loved it! Then, we grabbed some Mexican food at a local favorite and made it home in time for the news and "Saturday Night Live."

Another good night's sleep and I'm feeling better... more relaxed, I guess but things still seem to be moving faster than I am. I'm going to try to make a bit more time for me and cut back a bit at work and volunteering. Hopefully, that'll work.

In the midst of it all, Trent forwarded to me a really interesting article on raising children without nagging or whining. Check out "Praise A Child Right, and You'll Get Results." I think I'll check out the book and see how the suggestions work in practice.

Until the next nap time...