Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Discovering the George Bush Monument in Downtown Houston with Kids

While the George Bush Monument has been in Houston apparently for some time, we only discovered it last weekend. It's in downtown just north of Preston and the Preston Pedestrian Bridge. (If you read the Burp the Bayou post, this is a good activity to follow on that one since they're so close to each other.)

The monument itself is a bronze statue of President George Bush (#41) that's about 9 feet tall. He has a commanding presence, which is good because I think parents should encourage children to respect our U.S. presidents no matter what political affiliation they have... but I digress. There is a small water fountain behind the statue, which is what Kyster is looking at in the photo. There are also four plaques representing four different periods in President Bush's life, which gives parents and grandparents an opportunity to talk with their kids about history and government. As I've said before, I love to weave in educational moments when I can.

The view from the George Bush Monument is really pretty, too. This photo shows that even amongst downtown Houston, there is some green areas. And people say Houston isn't pretty. Well, I hope they add this monument to their things to see. :-)

This monument visit is easily done in 10-15 minutes but you can also enjoy the walk & bike ride trails along Buffalo Bayou, which is part of the view from the monument. I suggest heading south on the trail from the George Bush Monument though because going north on the trail gets a bit sketchy when you go under the overpasses & bridges. Sadly, we saw a few homeless people there and it scared Kyster. That's definitely another teaching moment but not one you have to tackle on a visit. The trail south is better groomed and green. I do recommend that. Maps are available online and all around the trail, too.

Until the next nap time...

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